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The use of tanning lotion is essential to protect your skin while tanning; using the right tanning lotion is the key to a great tan. Blue Ray Beach offers the best lines of indoor tanning lotion for you to achieve maximum results– Designer Skin, Swedish Beauty, Australian Gold, Supre Tanning, Devoted Creations and lots more. If there is something that you like and we don’t have it, please feel free to ask if we can get it for you.

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Pure Accelerators

These lotions are intended for first-time and fair-skinned tanners, or those beginning to build a base tan. Pure Accelerators speed up the tanning process by stimulating melanin production and tyrosine activity without the use of added bronzers, tingle or blush factors.


DHA Bronzers

DHA reacts with amino acids on the top skin layer to create a brownish color that develops on the skin within 2-4 hours after application and can last up to seven days. DHA is the lotion ingredient that some clients are still wary of – I’m still often asked, “Is it going to streak? Am I going to turn orange?” All errors with DHA (sunless) tanning is human error; if you don’t apply the product correctly and don’t wash your hands after application, you can get undesirable effects such as streaks, staining, or discoloration. DHA bronzers are intended for tanners who already have an established based tan, those who want to help maintain their color, or anyone looking to jump-start their results.


Natural Bronzers

These lotions contain plant derived ingredients that impart natural color onto the skin. Some examples are Black Walnut Seeds, Caramel Extract and Carrot Oil. An easy way to remember what natural bronzers are is to learn this phrase: “If it grows from the ground and can turn your skin brown, it’s a natural bronzer.” These products are streak free, stain free and odor free. They are intended for all skin types or for any tanner looking for a light bronzing result without the commitment of DHA. These products can also be referred to as “DHA-free” bronzers.


Cosmetic Bronzers

These work just as the name implies – they are cosmetic, similar to the bronzer in make-up, imparting instant color that washes off with water. These lotions can be recommended to tanners who need instant and immediate color, and those who are using a product with high DHA content. When a product is high in both DHA and cosmetic bronzer, the tanner can see where the product is being applied, which helps minimize streaking or staining.


Tingle Products

Tingle lotions increase blood circulation and excites your melanin! The more oxygen your melanin is exposed to, the faster you tan! These lotions increase micro-circulation and impact a warm “tingling” effect. The higher the tingle factor is the more of a “tingling” feel you will get. 


Blush Products

“Blush” ingredients increase the skin’s microcirculation, which promotes a darker tan. Some say blush products work like a tingle “without the tingle.” I suggest rotating blush
products in your tanning routine. If you have guests who are at a tanning plateau, using the hottest tingle lotion and no longer experiencing results, suggest they try a blush product. They’ll still get the increased microcirculation, and when they switch back to using their tingle product, they’ll feel the results again. For guests who are using a dark bronzer and whose results have plateaued, a blush lotion will help give them a color boost, as well as the longer lasting tans they desire.

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