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Kalamazoo Michigan

Blue Ray Beach Tanning Salon
5601 W. Main Street
Kalamazoo, MI 49009
(269) 344-8826

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday: 9am – 7pm
Saturday: 10am – 3pm
Sunday: 10am – 3pm

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Level One

Screen Shot 2023-04-25 at 8.59.54 AM

Sundash Competition 232

10 Minute Session. The Sundash Competition 232 GF is the novice tanners dream. Equipped with 32 (120 watt) 9.5 Intensity Cheetah Extra High Output lamps, and 11 (45 watt) Cybertech facial lamps, and a super body cooling fan to satisfy all your tanning needs.


Soltron Touchdown

10 Minute Session. The Touchdown is a sure crowd pleaser! 38 (120 watt) high output lamps producing high UVB for that reddening effect.  Large fans for climate control, to keep you cool during your session.  

Level Two



12 Minute Session. 40 High Performance Body Lamps with 3-400watt HP facials that are sure to leave you with a golden tan. Largest tanning environment in its class, equipped with forsted acrylics for evenly disbursed tanning power. 22-160watt lamps on the canopy & 18-120watt lamps on the bench.

KBL 4500

KBL 4500 Ultra Power

12 Minute Session. Ultimate in tanning Power! 40 High Performance Body Lamps with 3-500watt HP facials that will bronze you in just one session. KBL is the largest tanning bed in the industry. This beauty is
equipped with 22-160watt lamps on the canopy & 18-120watt lamps on the bench.

Level Three

KBL 5600

KBL 5600 Alpha ExtraSun +

ultimate 12 Minute Session. The future starts today, not tomorrow! The astonishing space-age design of the KBL Alpha 5600 brings the future of the tanning bed industry to any tanning salon! P2
pigment lamps to provide you with a boost of Vitamin D3. AquaCool breeze mist to keep you cool. Soothing aromatherapy to relax all of your senses. AC for ultimate comfort. Automatic internal audio system to compliment your tanning experience. 24-160watt lamps in canopy, 2- p2 lamps, 16-180watt lamps in bench & 4-500watt facials.


Silver Bullet

12 Minute Session. A top-level masterpiece, the Silver Bullet SE will bring an impressive TAN that will have you coming back for more! Features 44-160watt reflector lamps, 3-600Watt facials with 2-250watt shoulder/neck lamps.

Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 9.21.43 PM


12 Minute Session. A high-intensity bed that uses 160-watt VHR lamps with 1000-watt and 400-watt adjustable high-pressure facial lamps and high-pressure shoulder tanners. Comes with built-in A/C. The acrylic on the bed is frosted to avoid any ridge marks and allow for a more even tan. Sure to be a crowd pleaser!

Level Four 


KBL 6700 Alpha

12 Minute Session. A solarium that leaves nothing to be desired? There isn’t one? No there is! The 6000 series offers the cleverest solariums of their kind and is totally convincing. Elegant design, perfect ergonomics, patented megaSun technology, and a wide range of device variants guarantee the desired tan at the touch of a button. Six extra sunlight tubes also ensure a perfect tan + vitamin D, gentle to the skin and definitely relaxing. The X-tra Tan shoulder tanner rounds off the all-around tanning result. Features aqua cool, aroma, air conditioning, & sound with Bluetooth connection for your all-around state of the art tanning experience!

Crimson tanning bed

Crimsun 48/4

12 Minute Session. The Crimsun is one of the hottest beds in the industry with 48-200watt lamps and 4-500watt HP facials. This bed will have you feeling like you just came off the beach with its crisp bronze glow and reflecting lamps. Step into the Crimsun today!

Diva 7

Diva 7

10 Minute Session. Ultimate in tanning Power! This Diva has 54 160-watt UV Lamps and 4 600-watt High-Pressure Mirrored Facial Tanners. Diva has a shoulder-flex reflective shoulder tanner, with Air Conditioning System. Hop on in and try this Diva out!

Level Four – Booth

Screen Shot 2023-04-25 at 9.14.13 AM

Sundome XL48

10 Minute Session. This level 4 booth will give you spectacular long-lasting results quickly. They put out mostly browning rays and have some reddening rays to help you achieve a base tan that will protect you from the sun’s UV rays. The ETS Sundome is one of the most recognizable stand-up units in the industry with proven performance and durability.

Level Five

Ergoline Excellence 850

Ergoline Excellence 850

12 Minute Session. Tanning results are achieved 3-4 times faster than basic equipment with less burning potential and a richer, browner color. Usually, only tan every 7-10 days. With 20 high pressure UV units in the
canopy and 19 160watt lamps in the bench, the Ergoline Excellence 850 provides the ultimate power for an intense and long lasting tan combined with the finest in comfort features. Just as in luxury cars, users can set a preferred temperature ranging from 68 degrees to 86 degrees F. The Temptronic Climate Control system keeps the temperature constant throughout the tanning session. The Body Wave light base acrylic, with its double bend shape, makes tanning a truly relaxing and comfortable experience in any position.


KBL 8000 Alpha ExtraSun+

10 Minute Session. State of the Art tanning at the highest level! The 8000 Alpha ExtraSun features an elegant design and powerful elements and outstanding performance. A user-friendly touch screen, on the outside of the solarium’s canopy, provides the choice of individual tanning settings prior to every tanning session. Six P2 tubes provide UVB, a perfect tan, and essential bio-positive effects caused by Vitamin D. 70 powerful Ruby-Collagen-Boosters bring an increase of hydration as well as revitalization, relaxation, and detoxification to the skin. Bluetooth connection for your smartphone and you can listen to your own music! Features voice, A/C, aroma, and an aqua misty breeze! Features 44-200 watt lamps, and 4-700 watt facials.


Soltron Fresh Peppermint

10 Minute Session. Full power with a classy look! 48-200watt lamps, 4- 500watt facials and 3-8watt UVB spaghetti lamps. Your FRESH experience starts now! Reach your desired tanning limit in just a few short sessions with this dynamic crowd pleaser!

Level Five – Booth

Solarix X2

Solarix X2

10 Minute Session. With the Solarix X2 Tanning Bed, you will see the color difference immediately! While conventional tanning beds require 3 to 8 visits to establish a base tan, the Solarix X2 system only requires 2 to 5 sessions.The Solarix X2 success is attributed to the fact that they have more tanning power than any competitive product. The proprietary filter glass and high-pressure sunlamps used in Solarix X2 tanning systems provide the optimum number of the tanning photons necessary for a deep, dark and long-lasting tan. High-pressure tanning system emit more of the longer UVR wavelengths that penetrate farther into the skin melanosomes located deeper in the skin. Since it takes these melanosomes longer to reach the surface of the skin, the tan lasts much longer and appears deeper and darker.


versa tanning bed


Before your spray tan 
1. Thoroughly exfoliate and shave prior to your tan. 
2. Avoid wearing make up, moisturizers, and deodorant to your session, as this acts as a barrier to the spray and      stops the color from developing properly. 
3. Wear dark colored, loose fitting clothing and sandals after your spray tan. 
4. Schedule workouts, waxing & manicure/pedicure appointments BEFORE your tanning appointment.

After your spray tan
1. Do not shower or get wet for 5-7 hours following your spray tan.
2. After your first shower, moisturize using a paraben-free lotion at least twice daily for a minimum of 1 week.        Keeping moisturized ensures an even, flawless fade.
3. Avoid chlorinated jacuzzis, saunas and steam rooms.
4. Limit the amount of intense physical activity for a longer lasting tan.
5. Taking cold showers and avoiding baths are recommended.
6. Avoid using scrubs and scented body wash.
7. Apply an oil free sunscreen before sun exposure. Spray tan does not provide UV protection.

RedLight Therapy-$49.99/Month

Red Light bed

Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy also known as PBM was developed by NASA. It revolutionized solutions for pain management and skin care. It uses clinically determined red and near-infrared lighting. Transform your life by experiencing the following benefits:

  • Muscle and Joint Pain Relief
  • Increased Blood Circulation
  • Restoration of Motion to Joints
  • Nerve Pain Relief and Regeneration
  • Temporary Relief of Pain Associated with Arthritis
  • Improvement of Skin Appearance and Texture
  • Immune System Boost
  • Increased Energy Levels
  • Enhancement in Brain Health
  • Cell Regeneration and Enhanced Tissue Repair
  • Promote Wound Healing
  • Reduce Chronic Pain
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